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The Mustad Hoofcare Group is the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of Hoofcare products, serving the needs of farriers, horse owners, and veterinarians.
The Mustad Group has been active in the Hoofcare market for over 185 years, being founded in Gjøvik, a small industrial town in Norway, in 1832. Products include horseshoe nails, horseshoes, horse rasps, farrier tools, vitamin and mineral supplements as well as specialty products for the care of horse’s hooves.
Today the 7th generation of Mustad’s are owning and running the company. Worldwide we have several brands to serve the various needs of all farriers globally.

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Brand: Mustad - The Hoofcare People

Mustad E


Mustad E-nail A classic nail The E-nail is a classic Mustad nail that is consistent in its task every single step of the way. This nail is a mainstay of the range and can be used for many different types of horses and horseshoe styles whether used for leisure or for top competition. The E-nail fits in all V-creased and plain punched horseshoes and is...

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