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Galloping shoes
Galloping shoes

Galloping shoes


The process of forging and shoeing horses became an important craft in medieval times and played a major role in the development of metallurgy.  Nowadays, machinery automation, as well as horseshoe design evolution, has reduced the amount of time spent at the anvil.

At St. Croix Forge we develop products in collaboration with farriers, be it top farriers in America and Europe or the Veterinarian facilities at world-renowned Universities. Our group's vision 'For the better of the horse' is strongly reflected in every step of our product development process. 

Innovation and technical excellence are the keys to our success. All our machinery is purpose-built by our own engineering office with patented Mustad technology. We are constantly improving our processes with the latest innovation and technology to produce premium quality forged horseshoes, delivered to the market swiftly and efficiently. 


Teamwork is a central theme in how we run our business, not just internally but also with our partners in the industry.  We value everybody's input and contribution.  We strive to be a great place to work and to do business with!

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