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Mustad DynaMic, Steel (US Sizes) - 1 pair

Mustad DynaMic DM shape with additional heel support. Sizes are shown in the American size standard, for example, Dynamic size nr. 6 is equivalent to Libero size nr. 4, Dynamic size nr. 5 to Libero 3, and Dynamic size nr. 4 to Libero 2. (Dynamic in US sizes is always above two sizes of the EU standard sizes to fit EU sizes).
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BLACKSMITH's entrepreneurial adventure begins in 1996 when the two owners (Umberto Erba and Marco Pellegrinelli), with the only common denominator of the passion for horses, the first farrier and the second simple horseman, make a trip to the States visiting farriers and insiders with the intention of learning and understanding the secrets and organization of work related to the world of horses.

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