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Mustad DynaMic, Steel (US Sizes) - 1 pair

Mustad DynaMic DM shape with additional heel support. Sizes are shown in the American size standard, for example, Dynamic size nr. 6 is equivalent to Libero size nr. 4, Dynamic size nr. 5 to Libero 3, and Dynamic size nr. 4 to Libero 2. (Dynamic in US sizes is always above two sizes of the EU standard sizes to fit EU sizes).
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Trotting shoes
Trotting shoes

Trotting shoes

Mustad shoes - designed to perform Mustad horseshoes are designed and crafted according to two key principles: the best shoes for the horse and optimal ease of application for the blacksmith. For this reason, our range of products is very broad. Mustad horseshoes can be applied to suit practically all possible circumstances, from the physical condition of the horse to any local requirements. At Mustad Friesland, our factory, the objective is to deliver the best possible horseshoe. We work in a state-of-the-art production environment, ensuring that you can always rely on the precision and consistency of our steel forged horseshoes. Shaping the shoe Each Mustad Production Lines consists of a series of steps by which the heated piece of steel is transformed into a horseshoe. These purpose build machines are highly automated keeping labor costs as low as possible. The operator of the machine carries out regular quality check in order to ensure that each shoe fulfills the Mustad promise of quality and value. At the end of the production line, each shoe is carefully placed on a cooling tunnel where the shoes are air-cooled back down to room temperature. Trotting Europe steel Trotting shoes developed with experience from the trotting tracks - St.Croix Trotting shoes are developed in co-operation with farriers working with successful Swedish trotting trainers. The nail-holes and correct nail position make them unique in the market. Due to the pitched nail-holes, the nails will follow the angle of the hoof wall. The form has been tested on hundreds of trotting horses in order to obtain the best possible fit. The toe-clip has the outside design, which has been accomplished by adding material in the toe, a feature that makes the clip and the shoe extra strong. Plain stamped shoe - an excellent all-round front shoe. Fullered profile - extra grip for the hind shoes. Pitched nail-holes and correct nail-position Mustad's trotting shoes are physiological with pitched nail-holes and correct nail position. With this feature, the risk of injury is lowered and the shoe will be more secured to the foot. When changing from one shoe model to the other the same nail-hole position can be used and thereby minimize stress on the hoof. Excellent fit We have tested the form on hundreds of trotting horses in order to find the ideal shape to produce. Individual shaping and adjustment can thus be minimized. High and strong toe-clip Unique for Mustad's trotting shoe is the outside clip design, which has been accomplished by adding material in the toe, a feature that makes the clip and the shoe extra strong. The height is adjusted for the common use of pads with various thickness. Stud holes - all shoes are available with 4 or 6 stud-holes (5/16") or shoes with brazed studs.

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