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WHY use Öllöv Shoes?

The rubber absorbs both shock & vibrations, for added comfort, welfare, and health.

Dampens max load that horse is exposed to, even on soft surfaces like fiber (10%) and grass (12%) (see details under scientific studies).

Added comfort, less shock & vibrations can promote more power in gaits for some horses

Outstanding for horses recovering from various back, leg, and hoof issues. A softer, shock-and-vibration-absorbing shoe offers relief and promotes a quicker recovery. Öllöv shoes have been used extensively for 20+ years in different rehab situations with great success.

Offers excellent grip where needed, asphalt, ice, grass, cement giving the horse a secure feeling, promoting a full step in every step.

No snow soles usually needed as snow doesn’t stick to the rubber.

Much added safety for traveling loading-unloading, transporting, etc.

The shoe preserves the natural blood flow in the hoof (unlike a steel shoe where the blood vessels are more likely to close up due to the vibrations in the hoof) promoting the healthy growth of the hoof.

Positive for the hoof mechanism. Read more in the study about the expansion of the hoof in horses wearing iron shoes vs öllöv rubber shoes Hoofmecanism study öllöv rubber shoe at SLU

The sliding phase of the rubber shoe is closer to the unshod hoof than that of a steel shoe, on most surfaces. Read more about sliding phase tests below.

Sliding phase info

To produce a shoe with the correct sliding phase on all surfaces has been our focus and is subject to tests over and over. The naked hoof has been the base and we have seen that the sliding phase is close to the naked hoof on tested surfaces. This was established in a study made with the Swedish university SLU already in 1998 that you can read here evaluation of sliding phase öllöv steel unshod or read entire study Öllöv Study SLU English b) and again in tests done by Prof. Roepstorff and his OBST used to measure fiber sand arenas also at Olympic games and world cups etc. The sliding phase was also tested by students at Chalmers Technical University with the same results in 2018.

WHO benefits from Öllöv Shoes?

Jumping: Dampens max load, also on fiber 10% grass 12%. The shoe is wider than normal shoes giving added surface against hoof, offers grip where needed especially on grass.

Dressage: Dampens max load, offers added comfort and power. Added safety when exercising outside the arena.

Sport Driving: Perfect for changing between different surfaces, hard, soft. Offers grip in obstacles, comfort, and power in dressage.

Endurance: the added grips allow for an even pace downhill and uphill in terrain. The Softer shoes with added comfort and blood flow promote fresh legs all the way.

Trotting: Dampens max load, offers grip, added blood flow promotes fresh legs. Extra gentle to young horses in hard training, promotes healthy legs and hoofs.

Eventing: Benefits for both jumping, dressage, and terrain. The added grip is perfect for the change of surfaces.

Icelandic Horses: Added comfort promotes better gaits in the demanding movements. Added safety and comfort for trail riding in all terrains.

Mounted Games: Added grip, less need for studs.

Police & Military: Much added safety from the improved grip on asphalt, fewer injuries, improved welfare for all horses working on hard surfaces such as asphalt for long periods.

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