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Mustad studhole fillers, black - 1x50 pcs - 10 mm (3/8") and 8 mm (5/16")


Mustad stud accessories

Keep your stud holes ready for use

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Convenient, quality stud hole plugs to keep your stud holes clean and ready at any moment you need to apply studs.

MUSTAD STUD FILL LARGE, Black 3/8"-M10, Foam

MUSTAD STUD FILL SMALL, Black 5/16"-M8, Foam

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Reference: FT-25055

Brand: Finn-Tack Ltd



A soothing dual effect liniment for muscle, joint and tendon injuries of horses A double effect liniment that soothes soreness in the horse's muscles and decreases the risk of injury due to exercise. Use post-exercise to speed recovery or as supportive treatment for muscle, joint, or tendon injuries.

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Reference: 90.214.50032

Brand: Mustad - The Hoofcare People

Mustad leather "flat" pads, XX-heavy, 5, 1 pair


Protection and shock-absorption for the hoof Mustad leather pads are made of solid and heavy-duty buffalo leather. They are available in sizes 4 to 8 and in three types: light (approx. 4mm thick), standard (approx. 5.5mm thick), and heavy (approx. 7.5mm thick). The high-quality South-American leather excels because of its solid and sustainable...

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Reference: 90.142.542038

Brand: Mustad - The Hoofcare People

PM wedged pads, black, Size L - 1 pair


The PM Hoof Pad Wedge offers, like any wedge-shaped pad, the opportunity to correct the hoof-pastern-axis. In addition, it is a well-proven technique to regenerate heels and improve leg balance. In the application of this technique, the heels are trimmed just so much that thing in the PM Hoof Pad Wedge does not alter the correct hoof-pastern-axis. This...

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