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Luwex mesh pads, flat - 1 pair


Luwex mesh pads

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The Luwex Pad is ideal for any orthopedic issues. It provides excellent support and is ideal for tired and sore tendons as it absorbs the concussion as the horse walks whilst giving support to make walking easier. The pad is designed for use with a flexible hoof packing material. The mesh design enables the heels to expand together with the pad maintaining the natural biomechanics of the hoof. The graduated wedge on this shoe offers support for lower-heeled horses.


wedge pad - Hufeinlage Keil - plaque striée pleine compensé - gesloten zool met verdikte tak 

green - grün - verte -  

A=130 B=125 D=9 mm 

yellow - gelb - jaune  

A=150 B=145 D=10 mm

blue - blau - bleu - blauw 

A=170 B=165 D=12 mm

green - grün - verte - groen
A=130 B=125 D=9 mm
yellow - gelb - jaune - geel
A=150 B=145 D=10 mm
blue - blau - bleu - blauw
A=170 B=165 D=12 mm

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