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      F 1, Toe-Clip, Öllöv Gummibeschlag mit Stahlkern


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      Öllöv SoftStep main advantages:


      -Absorbs shock & vibrations, gentle to ligaments, knees, back etc. Offers a softer step every step (see scientific studies for details)


      -Offers improved grip on grass, asphalt, ice, snow, stable (studs available if needed)


      -Improved blood flow in hoof


      For over 20 years, Öllöv rubber shoes have been used all over the world by horses in many different disciplines including eventing, jumping, dressage, endurance, driving, racing as well as police and trail horses.


      They have also proven to be absolutely outstanding as rehab shoes for horses with various back, leg and hoof issues. Now we launch the new and further improved Öllöv SoftStep!


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      F 1, Toe-Clip, Öllöv Gummibeschlag mit Stahlkern

      F 1, Toe-Clip, Öllöv Gummibeschlag mit Stahlkern

      Alternative Shoeing//Öllöv

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