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Mustad DynaMic, Steel (US Sizes) - 1 pair


Mustad DynaMic DM shape with additional heel support. Sizes are shown in the American size standard, for example, Dynamic size nr. 6 is equivalent to Libero size nr. 4, Dynamic size nr. 5 to Libero 3, and Dynamic size nr. 4 to Libero 2. (Dynamic in US sizes is always above two sizes of the EU standard sizes to fit EU sizes).

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Beck oil is used as a remedy against mosquitoes and other insects for humans and also for horses. In the latter case, it is mixed with rapeseed oil and lubricated in the evening to prevent burning in bright sunshine. For humans, it has often been mixed with Jungle Oil.

Beck oil is produced by tar burning.

The original forest perfume of Lapland was derived from traditional pine tar production. A multipurpose product. Used for centuries in Lapland as protection against the dreaded mosquito plague in the summers.

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Works on all animals including humans.

Keep in mind that when it has been raining and cold after this, a lot of unwanted guests will be born. Use pitch oil even when they are in the stable so they do not itch. Winter and summer.

This is how it works against unwanted guests in the forest:

They find their prey by first being activated by smell, such as lactic acid or carbon dioxide, or the visual impression of movements. When activated, it begins to circulate in search of warm and humid air currents. The "sense of moisture" sits in small pores in the forest's guests' antennae, and the heat and moisture from a prey lead it right. A repellent that pitch oil clogs the forest's guests that registers moisture, and causes them to miss their target.

Beck oil is a natural product.

It keeps the unwanted guests of the forest away in the pasture or when you are in the forest and hunting, riding, or fishing e.g.

Real pitch oil or tar oil is obtained when you distill tar from stumps, we further purify it with rapeseed oil.

Enough for 48 liters of spray.

Mix a quarter (250 ml of a liter) of a bottle with 12 liters of water and spray the horse every morning.

In high season among 6 liters of water with a quarter of a bottle (250 ml of a liter) of pitch oil.

Shake the spray bottle often.

If your horse has sore crusts, you can apply pitch oil to your finger and lubricate. Then it heals much faster because the forest's uninvited guests are not there and bite.

Very good for eczema horses you do not have to cover in the paddock.

A very effective remedy is not much that beats pitch oil and is a natural product.

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