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Brand: Mustad - The Hoofcare People

Mustad DynaMic, Steel (US Sizes) - 1 pair

Mustad DynaMic DM shape with additional heel support. Sizes are shown in the American size standard, for example, Dynamic size nr. 6 is equivalent to Libero size nr. 4, Dynamic size nr. 5 to Libero 3, and Dynamic size nr. 4 to Libero 2. (Dynamic in US sizes is always above two sizes of the EU standard sizes to fit EU sizes).
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List of products by brand Blacksmith - The Italian Farrier Tools

BLACKSMITH's entrepreneurial adventure begins in 1996 when the two owners (Umberto Erba and Marco Pellegrinelli), with the only common denominator of the passion for horses, the first farrier and the second simple horseman, make a trip to the States visiting farriers and insiders with the intention of learning and understanding the secrets and organization of work related to the world of horses.

BlackSmith catalogue - 2024

As in all new adventures, the beginnings are difficult, but thanks to enthusiasm and tenacity (combined with an iron will) we lay the foundations of the new company and we can leave. We identify the space to start in a basement of just 150 square meters and with only one employee in 1996 BLACKSMITH was born. We almost exclusively sell Italian-made horseshoes made by other companies, but since 1997 we have already made a fundamental qualitative leap with the production of entirely BLACKSMITH items. The following year (1998) we broadened our horizons towards other European countries, convinced of how vital it is for the development of the company to aim at the international market, to have a broader scope.


“The entrepreneur has a duty, to take risks, he has no other possibilities and risking means being in direct contact with the world: we need to understand what happens outside, we need to be innovative, increase our products, open up to the foreign market” we said to ourselves! And it is in this vein that the catalog of products manufactured and marketed by BLACKSMITH is extended and enriched with everything that blacksmiths and their work need to include, since 2007, the creation of customized van fittings. Last in order of time but not least since 2010 the production of aluminum orthopedic irons. Among the various results obtained, in addition to the definitive transfer of the headquarters to CISERANO (BG) on an area of 2000m2 with 15 employees, we cannot forget the leading position achieved in Italy in the production of our forges. Another important if not fundamental moment is the development of the synergy with MUSTAD HOOFCARE (world leader for farrier’s products) which since 1999 has assigned BLACKSMITH the task of marketing its products while since 2002 this has taken place in an exclusive regime for the 'Italy. Always according to this innovative trend, in 2011 we completely renew our image and together with a new product catalog and a new website we launch the new “MASCALCIA ITALIANA” logo aimed at distinguishing the general distribution in Italy.


Aware of the importance of the scientific aspect inherent in our work, for years, in agreement with veterinarians and farriers, we have been promoting conferences that allow for immediate practical feedback on theoretical/scientific concepts developed in the sector. Since 1998, the possibility of offering European farriers and not only the results of the most advanced research have been our consolidated and convinced commitment, until 2004 on an annual and subsequently biennial basis (we have reached the 8th congress). This complex and complicated work has always given us enthusiasm, a sense of roots and what is more important has aroused corporate pride. If we add to these the various regional training internships that we periodically promote, we realize what the meaning of doing business, of growing, maturing, diversifying is for us; in a concept what it means to be closer to our customers.


Umberto Erba and Marco Pellegrinelli

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