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NIK-L-BLOK is a patented product developed by Chemotechnique Cosmeceuticals Scandinavia AB – a company with a mission to improve the quality of everyday life of individuals suffering from contact allergy through product innovation within the cosmeceuticals segment.

  • Founded in 1981 by Bo and Marie Niklasson.
  • World-leading experience in the development of products and methods for contact allergy diagnosis.
  • Our “Chemo Nickel Test” is the best-selling nickel detector in Sweden.
  • An active partner in international research forums and groups, such as the European Society of Contact Dermatitis (ESCD), the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group (ICDRG), and the North American Contact Dermatitis Group (NACDG).
  • Annual turnover of 42 MSEK (2017).
  • Exports 95% of its production to over 100 markets, of which North America constitutes the largest.
  • Bo Niklasson was awarded “Regional Business Leader of the Year” in 2010 by the Swedish National Organisation for Small/Medium Enterprises.
  • HQ based in Vellinge, Sweden.

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Brand: Chemotechnique Cosmeceuticals Scandinavia AB



CHEMO NICKEL TEST Chemo Nickel Test is an easy one-step method to detect free nickel in metallic objects. It has been the first-hand choice of medical practitioners in the detection of free nickel in metal objects since its introduction in 1995. As a testament to its proven quality, the Chemo Nickel Test is the only one-step nickel detector...

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Reference: NIK-L-BLOK-75ml

Brand: Chemotechnique Cosmeceuticals Scandinavia AB



NIK-L-BLOK NB: Best before date was 11-2022 on the current batch, the product is still good for use. NIK-L-BLOK is a revolutionary skin barrier cream based on a patented chelating formula that binds free nickel ions, blocking them from penetrating the skin when in contact with metal objects. With an outstanding proven clinical effectiveness,...

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